Prevention and
fire fighting


Why have a Fire Prevention and Control System? 

State Law 14.130 / 2001 and its updates, establishes that any building or space intended for collective use in the state of Minas Gerais should be contemplated by a FIRE PROJECT that, after being approved by the Fire Department, be executed and subsequently inspected by the Fire Department. same Public Institution, when an AVCB will be issued, Inspection Report of the Fire Department, document that will attest to the security condition of the establishment or risk area.



Only the single-family residences (residential houses) are excluded from the requirements of the Law. In order to prepare the project, it is assumed that there is an already defined architectural project, containing floor plans of all levels of the building, cuts and situation plan, in electronic means (usually developed in CAD programs) that will serve as the basis for the project of fire.


Included in the project are, in addition to the plans, descriptive memorials, hydraulic calculations, certificates and fees: ART of CREA and Public Security Tax (State). In case of non-compliance with the Law, fines are initially foreseen and, subsequently, if the items mentioned in the report are not corrected or taken care of, the site may be banned.


State Decree 44.746 / 08, modified by Decree 46.595 / 2014, regulates the application of Law 14,130, regarding fire and panic safety regulations for buildings and risk areas, and contains the table that classifies the occupancy of the building, for the adoption of the relevant requirements table, in IT-01 (Administrative Procedures), gives the Fire Department the competence to apply the Law.

Project Elaboration 

The design of the fire prevention project is the responsibility of the designers and builders of the buildings, as well as of the users, who must follow the recommendations correctly, as well as the organization of the fire fighting groups, in order to achieve the AVCB. inspection of the Fire Department).