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In the area of electronic monitoring and security systems, CCTV is the acronym used for Closed Circuit TV, which originated in the acronym in English for the same service, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television).

But in practice what is CCTV? The Closed Circuit TV is nothing more than an internal monitoring system, carried out through distributed cameras and connected to a central system, which makes the images available through monitors as well as recording these records.

The CCTV is mainly used for monitoring and surveillance, aiming to record security incidents, vandalism, improper behavior and several other occurrences. However, it has also been widely used for other purposes, such as road monitoring, environmental, behavioral, occupational safety, among others.


The Main Advantages

Through the use of CCTV it is possible for a security team to monitor in real time and even remotely what is happening in each environment, 24 hours a day, and take the necessary actions when any abnormality is detected.

In addition, it allows the recorded images to be recorded and can be analyzed later, helping to identify suspects and even being used as evidence in legal proceedings.

Another advantage is that the presence of a CCTV system, mainly due to the cameras, inhibits the action of criminals and malicious people, since it is clear that everything being done in that environment is being monitored and registered.


Analog System x Digital System


To understand CCTV well, it is important to know the difference between the two types of system used, analog and digital.

Analog systems have been used from the beginning and in it the analog cameras are connected to the central devices (DVR) by coaxial cables and the images are then displayed on specific monitors.

With the digital system the image quality is much higher, because cameras with IP technology are used, these are connected through UTP cables (network cable) to the central terminal (NVR), which in the end can make the images available remotely, through HD monitors and even through phones and tablets.

Analog systems are still the most used due to the legacy built during the last decades and mainly at its cost that is smaller but still maintaining an acceptable quality.

On the other hand digital equipment is usually more expensive but the quality of details of the images is much higher and this has been the trend of the current and future market.

The video below Intelbras equipment and services provider explains the advantages of CCTV:

Main Equipment

Briefly, we can say that a CCTV system is composed of 3 elements:


Responsible for capturing the images and in some cases the sounds of the environment, here come into action the cameras and microphones.

There are several types of analog and digital cameras on the market, each suitable for each environment and situation. They are differentiated by the scope, image quality, handling, appearance and several other features that we will detail in a specific article.


Cameras and control systems are connected via cables. Analog systems use coax cables while the digital system UTP network cables, the same used for computers. In specific cases fiber optics can also be used for digital systems.


This is the equipment that will centralize the images received by the various cameras, make available to the monitors and other access devices, and record the information for future reference.

In the case of analog systems the device used is DVR (Digital Video Recorder), which by default works only with images sent by analog cameras. NVR (Network Video Recorder) is used in digital systems, with images via IP. The middle ground is HVRs, Hybrid Video Recorders, which has the ability to work in a hybrid way with both camera types.


We hope that with this initial information it has been possible to understand at least the basics about what CCTV is and its importance for electronic security. Continue browsing our website and learn more about the DVR, NVR and HVR equipment, the main types of cameras, and the best training courses in the area.