Industrial low voltage electrical installations
Structured cabling Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7. Report and Certification of networks
Hydrant piping network, fire alarms, emergency lighting and signaling

All line in CCTV

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Become a reference company in industrial solutions in the segment of CCTV, electrical, cabling, fiber optics

and fire prevention and control systems in Brazil.


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What We Do It

    JL Tecnologia is a company that generates solutions for its clients. Today it has a consolidated experience of its employees, with more than 20 years of experience and acting in the corporate market of industrial electrical, CCTV, IT and fire prevention. Serves an extensive portfolio of medium and large clients, including multinationals.
   It believes in the relationship with each client, always seeking the formation and maintenance of a lasting partnership.
 Represents distributors and manufacturers, which privileges us in obtaining quality products, with affordable prices, payment facilities and agility in the delivery of goods.
   When requesting a quotation or project, the customer has at his disposal a technical team specialized in analyzing, comparing and offering the best products and solutions for every need. We include the direct technical and commercial support of the manufacturer, made by several channels.
The combination of all these facilities and resources aims to provide our client, all tranquility and comfort.




The elaboration of the fire prevention project is the responsibility of the designers and builders of the buildings, as well as the users, who must follow the recommendations correctly, as well as the organization of the fire fighting groups, in order to achieve the AVCB
(inspection body of the Fire Department).


One of the most important systems of a building, considering that without it in operation, a stabilized power grid consists of the use and configuration of equipment, such as UPS and generators, for constant and balanced supply of energy.


Protection systems against atmospheric discharges, a requirement of the Fire Department, regulated by the ABNT according to the norm NBR 5419/2005, and aims to avoid and / or minimize risks that can cause fires, explosions, material damages and even risk to the lives of people and animals.

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 CCTV allows you to identify and prevent intruders, break-ins, fires and various other irregularities, generating security and reliability to protect your assets.


Imagine your company without communication or with all your sent messages getting stung or in half? Thus behaves a company that does not have a network with structured cabling.

Technical report

Does your company need a Technical Report in the areas of Fire, Electrical, Network Infrastructure or CCTV, can we help?

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Product Reseller

JL Tecnologia is an authorized reseller of the best brands and products to serve your projects and clients



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Clients Served




"All the network infrastructure left on behalf of JL Tecnologia, who after all analysis did the projects and also excepted with great dexterity and now our online productivity is much greater ''

Daniela Almada

"JL Technology was concerned about every detail of our fire-fighting project, it was all very fast and practical Congratulations to all staff "

Renato Vilalobos

"The Security of my company is now complete with the new system of CCTV installed by the team of JL Tecnologia, with a lot of ethical quality and professionalism ''

Mara Cardoso



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